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PRE-ORDER Glenn Rexach Group's latest album - PanaRican - Full Release March 16th

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Glenn Rexach Group

September 13th, 2015 – Austin, TX – WOBEONFEST

Contemporary jazz blues set, blending funk with a smooth grip on blues, finish is key.  Pounding bass, guitar licks, tone, and drumming cuts. Nice smooth transition, Glenn, slices the tones, they are in sync. All instruments have their parts to play, equal. Great instrumental. Soul wrenching playing style, roots. Feeling and harmony. The room listening in anticipation of the next note. Clean, clear picks of the guitar, smooth as butter to the ears. Snare drum, high hat, thumping, pounding, feel it in your chest, love of the music. A little foot tappin’ to accompany the rhythm. Beautiful music, enough said. “Ru’bot’s Hair dance” kicked it off, followed by “Yes Diggity”, blending into

“Soul Stretch” it has a mellow smooth funk wrapped in a breathless anticipatory lightheaded easy sway with a Latin feel. The bass has a slap and pop like no other.
“Fuzzy Undulating Logic” and “Flex Time” played in a funky groove, reminiscent of time gone past.
The band comprised of Glenn Rexach on guitar, Kevin Scott on drums, and on bass guitar is Aaron Hatmaker.

Glenn also plays in the Jacqui Walker Band and is a guitar instructor at The Austin School of Music.





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